torstaina, toukokuuta 06, 2010

Kaitslik parkimine

Naljakas. Paistab, et lisaks kaitslikule sõiduviisile (defensive driving) on olemas ka kaitslik parkimine (defensive parking). Samas -oleks mul endal Jaguar -kardaks ise kah...
Mõned näpunäited ka internetist:
Rule Number 1 - Do not hog up two parking spots. Ever. It makes you a target for dings.... or worse.
Rule Number 2 - Do not park next to an old, beat up car. The owner probably does not care much about their car. They probably won't care about yours, either.
Rule Number 3 - Avoid parking next to 2 door coupes at all costs! Even if they are nice, the laws of geometry are not on your side. Their doors are so long and heavy that they are more likely to make contact with your vehicle.
Rule Number 4 - Park with curbs in mind. Curbs mean protection. Surround your car with as many curbs as possible, therefore lowering your chances that someone else will park next to you.
Rule Number 5 - If the parking lot is on any type of grade, and there are carts, park at the top of the grade. Gravity will hopefully work in your favor and avoid any carts from meeting your paint.
Toredat parkimist!

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